Rules & Rentals

In addition to the VOW's CCR's and By-laws, our village is also governed by a set of rules which can be found on the HOA Documents page. These rules also known as the "Good Neighbor" rules were established to ensure our village lives in harmony.
Effective September 2023, VOW has a policy on townhouse rentals. If you are renting your townhouse, please read this policy. It is also important if you are renting your unit to communicate these rules to your property manager as well as your renters. You may print "Rules for Renters" and post in your townhouse.
Emergency Contacts for Rental Units
If members or renters have any issues, please click here for a listing of all rental units and after-hours/emergency telephone numbers of rental properties.
Noise & Exterior Lights
Quiet Hours are 11:00 P.M. till 8:00 A.M.  This includes turning off the exterior flood lights and decorative café lights in the rear of the unit during Quiet Hours.
Parking - Maximum 2 Cars per Unit
Maximum of TWO (2) vehicles per unit. No exceptions. No trailers, RVs, boats, personal water vessels or buses permitted in the designated parking areas. Storage of vehicles not “in regular use” is not permitted in the parking lot area. Overnight parking prohibited at Mason Park. Failure to abide by this rule may result in towing.
Pets are be kept inside the respective Property Owner’s Lot but may be walked on Common Areas on a leash and under the control of the Owner or their designees. Owners are required to remove pet waste from the Common Areas that is associated with their or their designees’ pets. Owners are responsible for all injury, damage or destruction sustained in the Common Areas.
We have three Trash Dumpsters- if one is full, please use another dumpster. Do not leave your trash outside or on top of the dumpster as this will attract bears and other wildlife. Dumpsters are located at:
1. Lakeview Court
2. Bright Passage
3. Liftside
Tree Removal
No Lot Owner shall have the right to remove any of the healthy growing trees located on any of the Lots within the Association except with the prior written approval from the Board of Directors or the Architectural Committee.