Architectural Change Process

Procedures for Architectural Changes
All external changes, additions, and alterations and/or landscaping must be approved by the Architectural Committee in accordance with the guidelines contained in Article 7 of the CC&R. To initiate the approval process, all homeowners are required to complete an on-line Architectural Review Change Order Ticket BEFORE making any changes to the exterior of their townhouse and/or landscaping.  To begin the approval process for an architectural change, click Architectural Change Order Ticket on the VOW Website. Be sure to include
1. Dimensions, color schemes, type of materials, and design information.
2. For landscaping, include type of plans and any topographical changes. Show details by attaching drawings, photographs, catalog instructions, etc. If  needed, attach a survey of your lot showing the locations of the proposed change(s).
The Architectural Committee will try to review and respond to applications within 15-to-30 days from receipt of the application. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions require the Committee to respond within 60 days.
If a proposal is rejected, the reason(s) for disapproval will be stated as part of the written decision. The applicant may request reconsideration if new or additional information, which might clarify the request or demonstrate its acceptability, can be provided.
Approval of any project by the Architectural Committee does not waive the necessity of obtaining the required governmental permits. The Committee will not knowingly approve a project that is in violation of the local Building or Zoning Codes. The burden of determining whether an application is in violation of the local Building or Zoning Codes rests solely on the applicant.