Rental Rules

Villages of the Wisp Excerpts of HOA Rules pertaining to Rental Guests
Updated 1/22/2022
For those members who rent your units, please remind your rental company that you, the member, are responsible for your guests’ actions in the community, thus your guests are required to know and follow VOW’s rules and regulations. Property Owners must comply with all applicable provisions of the Garrett County, Maryland Transient Vacation Rental Units (TRVU). TRVU licensing ordinance as enacted for the purpose of regulating and licensing the use of residential property within the County that is rented on a transient or short-term basis.
Below are some of the basic rules and regulations of the community. Please print this page to give to your rental company as well as post in your townhouse to ensure compliance.  Rules for Rentals
Noise and nuisances Quiet .Hours are 11:00 P.M. till 8:00 A.M.  This includes turning off the exterior flood lights and decorative café lights in the rear of the units during Quiet Hours.
Parking  Maximum of TWO (2) vehicles per unit. No exceptions. No trailers, RVs, boats, personal water vessels or buses permitted in the designated parking areas. Failure to abide by this rule may result in towing.
Trash. We have three Trash Dumpsters- if one is full, please use another dumpster. Do not leave your trash outside or on top of the dumpster as this will attract bears and other wildlife. Dumpsters are located at:
1. Lakeview Court
2. Bright Passage
3. Liftside
The containers are strictly for household garbage- all other trash (furniture, TVs, construction material, etc) can be disposed at the County landfills. No burning of trash and no unreasonable or unsightly accumulation outside of unit.
Pets - shall be kept inside the respective Property Owner’s Lot but may be walked on Common Areas on a leash and under the control of the Owner or their designees. Owners are required to remove pet waste from the Common Areas that is associated with their or their designees’ pets. Owners are responsible for all injury, damage or destruction sustained in the Common Areas as a result of neither them nor their designees ’pets’ activities.
Fireworks- Are NOT permitted in the community.
Mason Docks Rental guests are welcome to use the grounds but are required to follow all HOA rules and regulations on common areas. No overnight parking. Vehicles will be subject to being towed.