Doors, Windows & Light Fixtures

Doors and Windows
Replacement for exterior doors require an architectural submission and an approval from the architectural committee regardless if an approval has previously been approved by the architectural committee for a different unit. (This requirement allows the owner flexibility for costs of replacing exterior doors.)
The original manufacturer of the windows, peach tree, is no longer in business. Homeowners may be able to order replacement parts at the following website:
The replacement windows must be custom made by Anderson. The frame color is sandstone.
1. Double hung windows are not permitted.
2. The awning windows may be replaced with casements.
3. Casement windows are the required window and must match the required color.
4. Grids are not permitted
The Anderson Website is
Lighting & Light Fixtures
New or Replacement exterior fixtures must be submitted to the Villages of Wisp Architectural Committee for Architectural Review prior to installation, as per Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.
All additional lighting must be on an automatic timer to turn lights off at 11:00 PM EST or before. All lighting must remain off between the hours of 11:00 PM EST. and 8:00 AM EST.  If lighting remains on between the hours of 11:00 PM EST. and 8:00 AM EST; Owners may be fined.
Flood lights and/or decorative tree up-lighting in the front or rear yards are not permitted.
Seasonal Lighting:
Approved lighting may only be installed on the lowest rear patio area of the unit. Installation on the upper decks is not permitted. The lighting cannot exceed 50 bulbs with a wattage of less than or equal to 5 watts incandescent or led equivalent per bulb. Only warm white lighting is permitted.
Back Door Light Fixtures:
Oval Deck Light
Front Door Light Fixture:
Option 1:  Option 2:
Polycarbonate Cast Aluminum
Black Black
Clear Plastic Clear Glass
Incandescent or LED Bulb Incandescent or LED Bulb
Approx. 8" Wide x 25" Tall Approx. 8.75" Wide x 25" Tall
Manufacture: Sea Gull Lighting Manufacturer: Hinkley
Model:8765-12 w/ long tail Model: 1419BK