Hot Tubs, A/C, Grills & Fire Pits

Hot Tubs
No hot tubs allowed on upper level deck.
As with all architectural requests, each air conditioner will require Architectural Change Order Ticket for review and approval.
·         Ductless, split electric
·         Noise levels under 62db for both startup and run.
·         Maximum footprint of 38” L, 18” W and 38” H, (Line sets and support bases are not included in measurements)
HVAC units may be located at the rear of the buildings or the sides of the end-units, as close to the home as installation will allow.  The HVAC units must be located at ground level.  The unit must be mounted on a secure, level base.
Supply lines may be installed on the outside of the building or internally.  For external installations, the lines must be concealed with gutter/downspout and painted to match the existing VOW gutter color. Line housings must be installed alongside the chimney on rear for buildings or at vertical trim locations.  On end units the line housings must be run at the locations where vertical trim is located on at the inside corners alongside buttresses.  
HVAC units and mounting hardware, located on the rear of the VOW unit are required to match the existing VOW trim color.  HVAC units located on the sides of end-units must be completely screened with a structure matching the siding and trim arrangement and matching the existing trim and building color.
HVAC units should be regularly maintained and are required to remain under 62 decibels at all times.
Models that meet VOW requirements:
•         Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA
•         Carrier 38MGRQ30D 
•         Fujitsu AOU36RLXFZ1
Grills, Outdoor Heaters & Fire Pits
Maryland state laws allow only electric grills on our decks and balconies. Maryland state laws prohibit fires (pits, gas or charcoal grills, etc.) within 10 feet of a "structure." The state law is specified in MD. CODE ANN., PUB. SAFETY § 9-1001 (2017). This law is derived from the National Fire Protection Association Fire Code, NFPA 1 (2015).
Permanent Fires pits are not permitted to be built on the lawn at Villages of Wisp Homeowners Association. When not in use, fire pits must be stored behind the unit; not in the front yard. If you or a guest have damaged the vegetation on the common area adjacent your property from building fires on the lawn you will be responsible for the cost of the repair or clean up.