Mason Park

All Homeowners have access to our lake front Mason Park located on Marsh Hill Road. This park was named after our former President, Randy Mason who was instrumental in developing this park. The Mason Park has a pavilion, short-term docks, picnic tables, kayak storage and a fire pit. Individuals renting VOW homes are allowed in the park; however rental guests are NOT permitted to use the dock slips.
 We are still experiencing the issue with the failing storm water drainage pipe at the park. Please use caution in the areas blocked off while a remedy is being sought. The process includes the master association and the easement of the Storm water management system and Garrett County.
Dock Drop-off and Pick-up at Mason Park-   
There is a designated area on the Dock for owners to use the dock for “loading and unloading”.  Please respect the other owners and NOT leave your boat there longer than 15 minutes. Do not drop off or pick up using the two inner Rental  Dock Slips. The two interior Rental slips are reserved exclusively for owners with reservations-No loading or unloading in these slips. 
Parking at Mason Park-
 Parking is extremely limited, therefore, only ONE vehicle per unit. Only members and their guests may park in the Mason Park parking lot. .No parking on the grass. No Boat trailer, RV, or overnight parking permitted in parking lot. Vehicles will be subject to being towed.
Pets –
Pets  may be walked on Common Areas on a leash and under the control of the Owner or their designees. Owners are required to remove pet waste from the Park.  Owners are responsible for all injury, damage or destruction sustained in the Common Areas as a result of them nor their designees’ pets’ activities.
 All members and guests are required to follow the Rules and Regulations of the community and the Department of Natural Resources.
The Villages of Wisp Association, Inc. (the “HOA”)
Board Rules and Regulations Related to HOA Owned Docks
The following Rules and Regulations are adopted by The Villages of Wisp (the “VOW”) Association, Inc.’s Board of Directors under Maryland law and the HOA’s governing documents, including the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (the “CCCRs”), the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws. 
Dock Management and Usage
Uses.  HOA owned docks shall not be used by Property Owners except for Board-approved purposes related to reasonable and typical boating or water access activities. The Board has sole responsibility related to the management of the docks and the assignment of dock use privileges. 
Activities. No noxious, offensive, or illegal activities shall be carried out upon any of the docks, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance, nuisance or safety concern.
No Commercial Activity or Usage: The docks are for pleasure usage only. No commercial activity or usage is allowed.  
Trash.  The docks shall not be used as a dumping ground for trash, garbage or other waste or fuels, including hazardous waste. 
Dock slips –The Board may charge dock fees to annually license dock slips and reserves the right to alter dock slip assignments, when necessary. 
Insurance. Nothing may be undertaken upon the docks such that the HOA’s insurance coverage might be compromised, such as rate increases or cancellation. 
Dock Damages. Property Owners are responsible for any damage to or destruction of the docks as a direct result of activities of the Property Owner, their guests, tenants, or business invitees. 
Dock Closure: The Board reserves the right to close the docks for repairs, emergency conditions, or other circumstances as deemed necessary. 
Supervision of children: No child under 16 years of age shall be on the dock unsupervised. 
Adopted by the Board on _March 9, 2021, to be effective 30 days thereafter.